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Deck of Darkness: Infernal Depths is a first person, fantasy horror, hack and slash, action role-playing game (ARPG) with crunchy pixel art graphics. Make it to the lowest level of the dungeon and face your terrifying destiny. 


Influenced by the Diablo games and Dungeons and Dragons, this is the official video game adaptation of the Deck of Darkness tabletop card game.


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Cy: Cyberpunk Survivors is a retro, roguelite shooter featuring striking pixel-art graphics and non-stop action. Play the demo here. Now available for Windows, Linux (Steam-OS), mac-OS, and Android.

Delve into deadly dungeons in search of the Deck of Darkness. Collect and combine epic cards to devastate your foes. become immortal.


Deck of Darkness (formerly Mutidimensional Dungeons) is a tabletop fantasy horror deckbuilder dungeon crawler 1 to 2 players (4 max with more decks). Deck of Darkness: Infernal Depths is the official video game adaptation.