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Multidimensional Dungeons Info Panel

Multidimensional Dungeons is a roguelike, deckbuilding, tabletop RPG with dark fantasy art. The core game is three decks of radically streamlined loot and dungeon crawling featuring endless variety, replayability, and customization.

  • Play it your way. Can be played alone or with others. Co-op or Vs modes available. Choose your own difficulty.
  • Each monster has built-in adaptive behaviors. No dungeon master required!
  • 25+ Being types to play, also easily create your own
  • 3 classes, 9 sub classes, and 6,561 possible multiclass combinations in the core game. Hundreds of thousands of possibilities by level 10 (available with future expansions)
  • Thousands of items, including uniques
  • Ever-changing dungeons with new combinations of challenges and buffs
  • Well over 150 enemy and hazard types including bosses and mini-bosses
  • Deckbuilding. When you level up, no searching through lists of spells or abilities, simply pick the available card you want to add to your deck
  • This original game takes players to level 5. At least four expansions are planned, each will raise the maximum level and introduce new abilities, enemies, and treasures
  • Full flavor RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons
  • Action RPGs like the Diablo series
  • Turn-Based Roguelike Deckbuilders like Slay the Spire
  • Simplified OSR Games (Old-School Revival) such as MÖRK BORG, Swords and Wizardry, White Box, and Dungeon World
Multidimensional Dungeons Deck

The heart of MDD is 110 poker-sized cards. The Dungeon Deck contains all of the boons and hazards in the game. The Ability Deck has all of the player abilities. The Utility Deck has bosses, door cards, and general purpose cards that can be used to represent any unit or scenario.

How to Play

Multidimensional Dungeons is much easier to grasp than most modern or old-school tabletop role-playing games, even the “simple” ones.

Step 1: Create and Equip Your Character

Character Sheet

To begin, you will choose from three main classes: warrior, mage, or rogue (as you level up, you pick from one of nine subclasses and practically endless multiclasses). Then you choose and customize your being type which helps determine your stats and innate abilities. Lastly, equip your character.

Step 2: Create the Room


After reading about the background of the World of Ashmandael and a description of the dungeon, you create your room. You roll the room size. On the left are the player cards. On the right are the challenges randomly pulled from the deck. Any enemy card has a chance to be a mini-boss. 

Step 3: Overcome the Challenges in the Room or Die Trying!


This is the action-packed, strategic core of the game. Enemies will attack using specialized weapons and abilities. Traps will be detected… or not. Deadly obstacles may block your path, but fear not – you are equipped with powerful cards to help you triumph.

Step 4: Roll Your Treasures and Add Your Challenge Points

Rolling Treasures

Using the treasure tables you roll to see what loot you’ve gained and you add challenge points received to your total. Once you have enough, you level up and get a new card and stat point.

After the dungeon boss is defeated, you can head back to town for rest, to equip, and to prepare for your next adventure!


MDD is set on the continent of Ashmandael. As you can see, it has a lot going on! There are already four expansions planned: Expedition to Doréamor: Unravelling the Undeath Plague, The Kingdom of Secrets, Deathspan, and Shipwrecked on the Shores of Madness. The last expansion will be for high level characters and with feature many twisted Cthulhuian horrors.

Hello all! I’m Morgan Caraway, the creator of Multidimensional Dungeons and Eldritch Tentacles Games. Thanks for checking out my website and I hope you’re as excited as I am about this game! We will be launching the official kickstarter later in the year and plan to have tables, run by Indie Game Alliance, at all of the major conventions, including GenCon!